About us

We are a family owned and operated maple sugaring farm located in beautiful Keene, New York - The Home of the High Peaks!  We tap 3,500 Adirondack sugar maple trees each spring and collect the maple sap at our sugarhouse where we produce our pure maple syrup. 

Black Rooster Maple is owned and operated by Kirk, Kristy, and Ryleigh Bassarab.  Our business was created in 2011 but several years prior we had our first maple sugaring experience in our backyard.  After doing some research, it was determined that we could make maple syrup with our own 6 trees.  We were so excited when we made 3 gallons of syrup with 12 taps!  Now, a few years later, we are up to 3,500 taps on vacuum assisted tubing with a 4' x 14' wood fired maple syrup evaporator.  In 2012, a new timberframe storefront was constructed where we offer our maple products for sale.

Our business name was inspired by a rooster we owned, aptly named "Black".  The rooster looked over his flock of rhode island red hens, all of which liked to peck at his tuft of white feathers atop his head.  In order to keep the feathers from being plucked out, we installed a small "top hat" of duct tape on his head.  The two opposing roosters in our logo show Black with and without his top hat.